Mai Koraiem

Artist graduated from the painting department at Alexandria university's Faculty of Fine Arts. Visual artist, illustrator and comic artist. Launched many exhibitions and joined a lot of workshops insides and outside Egypt. One graphic novel called "Kavafis", published one year ago. Drawing is not just a hoppy for me, I take my pencil and draw sketches everywhere to document my important daily life's incidents and events. I draw people I meet, places I visit, building that I see and situations and experiences in my daily life, stories,dreams, thoughts and feelings. I work on my second graphic novel that will be about Alexandria ("Downtown Dairy").

Ahmad Ali

Graduate of beautiful arts college - Damascus University. Competences: Visual communication. Graduate Adham Ismail Centre for Fine Arts. Competences: Oil photography and Illustration . 2014 Bawadekji-Tex Company. 2012 Noor Foundation for print 2014 Artworks with Qatar National Company for Construction Training: Coach Artificial Intelligence courses in the optical center of Visual Arts. Adobe set printing coach (Photoshop Indesign. Illustrator) with DRC center - UNRWA organisation in Damascus.

Markus Günther

FORMZOO Studio for Design & Animation
Founded with Jan Joost Verhoef and Stefanie Kolb
Founding the coworking studio SPACE SPACE
Freelance graphic designer and illustrator
co-founding the FORMZOO collective for design and illustration in Berlin with Lars Erbach and Robert Zirk
Junior designer at Schindler Parent Identity, Berlin
State certified graphic designer apprenticeship grafik design and photography, Ferdinand-von-Steinbeis-Schule, Ulm

Mina Braun

Mina studied Visual Communication at the Kassel Academy of Art, Germany and Edinburgh College of Art. She completed first her BA(Hons) in illustration in 2005 and then a Master of Design in 2006. After graduating Mina worked as a freelance illustrator, printmaker, illustration tutor and community arts worker. In 2015 she relocated to Berlin, where she works as a freelance illustrator from her studio space in Neukölln.

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